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Shoreditch Digital Canvas

Sassify Zine

October 2019

I Sassify has collaborated with Art Clubbers and Shoreditch Digital Canvas for a show called #Artinsight. The illustration titled  'Beyond the Binary' from the forthcoming issue #7 of Sassify Zine is on display on a huge billboard outside of Old Street station until the end of October.

Along with the piece from Sassify there are some amazing works that are on rotation and you will find works in the order of these artists (they appear after the John Lewis Advert);

Kieran Kiani, Sassify Zine, Taylor Bystrom, Aadam Khwaja, Ajay Pabial, Clinton Davey, Faye Chan.

''Beyond the Binary is a celebration of queer bodies, queer spaces, and just the everyday embodiment of what it is to be queer.  What is more exciting is that it is Black History Month and we can celebrate black queer bodies and people in all their shapes and sizes through this piece and the other images on display.'' 

We are encouraging people to go and check it out and take some pictures tagging @sassifyzine on any social media posts you make. 

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