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Words: Jason Kattenhorn


Sassify Zine - May 2019


I do not think I will ever shake off the shackles of self-imposed toxic masculinity. All my feelings of what I think a man should be have been inherently learnt to be masc or strong, especially when it comes to style and the way I should act. Because of this debating something so inconsequential such as wearing a pink boiler suit or a certain piece of clothing can seem like such a big deal. 

I have never been comfortable with the expectations of what a 'man' in the general sense is supposed to be, and since turning 30 I am slowly learning to not care as much. I am trying to see beyond the binary by phasing out those toxic thoughts to reflect a more diverse and expansive expression of what it means to be a man, person, human in all its forms.

I hope Sassify can continue to reflect this.

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