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Sassify Zine - July 2020

Illustration - Ben Faulkner Gant



During Lockdown Radam Ridwan had us all captivated with their Lockdown Lookbook. 50 days, 50 different looks. Each look screams raw queer energy and we are so excited that Radam joined us for a takeover on our Instagram stories and IG TV. You can watch the takeover below. 

Radam is a, ‘queer writer, creator and poser from Indonesian and Australian origins. They describe themselves as ‘a work-in-progress that will never be quite finished, and that's okay.’


''I just want no rule book or template for how anyone expresses their gender, whatever that may be.''

''The Lockdown Lookbook began out of necessity, to create something during a period of stifled expression. I describe it as kind of turning into a monster that required me to create a look every day.’ 


@talesofblackeyedjack illustrated and we counted down our top 9 favourite looks from The LockDown LookBook.


Which look is your favourite?

Tag @sassifyzine and @radamridwan with what is your favourite look from the series. 

Fancy going one step further and recreating one of the looks? Tag us in any photos you post and we we share on our stories. 

If you would like to support Radam, then grab the Offical Lockdown Lookbook HERE!


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