Words: Tom Evans and Sassify Zine


Sassify Zine - June 2019

NASTEE GLITTER is a NASTEE BOO repellent; a biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic glitter designed to repel anyone who even thinks about raining on your parade. Launched by Area Eighteen, a vintage fashion platform for LGBTQ+, femmes and their allies to showcase their authentic individuality, increase their visibility and get their voices heard. It retails at £3.99 per 6g pot and can be purchased through AREA EIGHTEEN viia Instagram, depop, ASOS marketplace or through our website


We caught up with founder Tom Evans to discuss vintage fashion, of course, glitter.  

How important is it for the fashion industry to think outside the binary?

We are living in a society whose ideas on gender and what that means is more fluid than ever before. We are consistently seeing celebrities grace red carpet events, the MET gala being the biggest recent example, pushing the boundaries and trying to break the rigid walls society has created around gender expression and fashion in particular. However, celebrity culture is out of touch from everyday life and as we all know is placed on a pedestal. This is creating a bit of a glass ceiling where breaking the binary is concerned and is not tapping into the everyday individual and their gender expression. It is the responsibility of fashion brands to break the glass ceiling and showcase individuals expressing themselves outside of the binary to allow those who wish to do the same the confidence to do so. 

Who are your LGBTQ+ inspirations?

I am completely obsessed with boy George, somebody really ahead of his time and somebody I am consistently referencing for fashion inspiration. Jaden and Willow Smith are also really pathing the way for creativity and authentic expression where gender and the arts are concerned. 

Who would be your dream person to dress?

I am obsessed with Jamie Windust at the moment. He distorts the binary in such amazing ways and I just feel like he would be open to anything. He dresses amazingly, is super creative and his message on gender expression and boundaries within LGBTQ+ culture really resonate with me. 


Why shop vintage?

Fast fashion is trash. It is an industry that promotes low hourly wages, hard labour and is increasingly damaging to the environment in ways people can only imagine. Vintage fashion is also a pathway to authentic individuality and expression as you can really get creative with styles, silhouettes and colour combinations from decades gone by. Fast fashion to me is a form of conformity and a restrictive way of expression. Vintage often tends to be better quality and by doing so, your fashion footprint is drastically reduced.


With NASTEE GLITTER we wanted to provide an eco-friendly solution to traditional plastic-based glitter. It is 92% plastic free, contains extremely low levels of heavy metals and is ANTIMONY free. It comes in nine colours of various thickness and is sold in 100% plastic-free packaging.


The #WHYSONASTEEBOO? hashtag and campaign are designed to shed light on the people affected by NASTEE boos and the rituals they have used to overcome negative comments and opinions and live authentically. Our mission is to unleash the authentic individual inside everybody and encourage our customers to come together as a tribe to pay their NASTEE BOO no mind.


We are a community of fun, beautiful expressive people striving for equality and for our voices to be heard.