Call to Action: Liz Truss proposals.


Transgender people belong and the transgender community needs you.


You may have see the Sunday Times article where they reported that Liz Truss, the UK Government Ministers for Women and Equalities is planning on some major policy changes that could make LGBTQ+ people’s lives that much harder.


A final decision has not yet been made so now is the time to act. Liz Truss is due to speak in Parliament about equalities this Wednesday morning (Tomorrow).


If Boris does not sign off on them they cannot go ahead. We need every LGBTQ+ person, organisation and ally to engage with this call to action.


What might happen?

Trans people could loose their rights to access single- sex services such as a ban on trans women using women’s toilets.


The Gender Recognition Act could be dropped


Trans youth will find it more difficult to access healthcare and advice.


Why does this matter?


We should be coming together as a society; not considering making LGBTQ+ lives harder. These changes will not eliminate transgender people from existing; it will only further erase them from the narrative and stop them from seeing advice, and support. How would you feel if someone is constantly saying you don't exist?


What can you do?


You can contact the Prime Minister directly via this link:


You can email your local MP as a matter of urgency.


Find your MP here:


Letter template to use:

Dear [ MP]

My name is [x please introduce who you are and what you do, and why supporting the rights of transgender people is so important to you] I'm writing to you personally to ask you to help us.

I am writing to you to express deep concern for the rights of transgender people in the UK. [Today] the Times released an article claiming that reforms to the Gender Recognition Act are going to be discontinued.

These reforms were a chance for the UK public to show support for Transgender citizens and I believe the results were reflective of this. The public wants to protect and support Transgender people in claiming back their autonomy - as we should all have the right to do. The prime minister's decision to ignore the will of the majority of the public is unacceptable and again, deeply concerning.

By now you will have seen the Trump Administration's decision to remove Transgender human rights protections with regards to healthcare. During a pandemic that is hitting the BAME community in the most devastating way.

There is an alarming pattern arising here. The movement to further stigmatise, isolate and dehumanise Transgender people has and will, cause more death and destruction for a community of citizens just simply trying to live their lives.

In light of this, I want to ask you the following questions :

1. Do you agree with the Presidents stance on the rights and protections of Transgender citizens?
2. Are you willing to stand up and defend all citizens in the face of this injustice?
3.  In our country's movement against Racism will you also acknowledge that Black Trans people, especially women, are among the most vulnerable in our society?
4. What will you do to make sure that the results of the reform are made clear to the public, and that those results deliver a reform which was promised to the public?

I'm imploring you to get behind the people of 
[your constituency] in our overwhelming support of Transgender people.

Thankyou so much for reading this, and for your time.

[your name]


Finally share copy and paste and tell everyone to save the lives of transgender people for a better future.